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This poem was originally published by California State Poetry Society.


For K.N.

The rip tide that pulls the swimmers to sea
rushes round our ankles.

Its undertow, the signs warned us, full of danger,
like a caress —

laying us down among the commingled
wrecks and reefs.

You plunge…

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These poems were originally published in Issue 4 of Orange Blush Zine. Go give it a read.

On the Wire

she’s fervent
like a hissing wire
like a cut wire
lashing its current

the birds sing
too-weet too-weet
perched in their rows
like choirs

how i wish i could
grasp like…

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On June 8, Orange County’s chief health officer, Dr. Nichole Quick, resigned after a deluge of public criticism from county officials and residents.

At least, what passes for “public criticism” in Orange County, which includes death threats, threats against Quick’s family, a resident advertising Quick’s home address, parading images of…

Photo Credit: Chris Riley — Times-Herald

Update: A new report from ABC7 directly contradicts the timeline of the events surrounding the fatal shooting of Sean Monterrosa by Vallejo police.

On June 2, at approximately 12:30 a.m., Officer Jarrett Tonn opened fire on Monterrosa, killing the 22-year-old San Francisco resident. Monterrosa was transported to a hospital, where…

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Note: Links include graphic images of police violence.

We are witnessing what happens when you give bullies tools of war and carte blanche to use those tools however they like. Suddenly, everyone starts looking like an enemy combatant to them.

Here is a (non-exhaustive) list of the people who have…

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Hi, my name is Casey. I am a writer and editor, and I’ve worked from home for more than two years. That’s right — I worked from home before it was cool. Or, you know, legally compelled by local and state governments. (But not the federal!)

That phrase used to…

MRW 2020 happens.

I prefer to think I’m fashionably late with this one.

I’ve noticed a lot of these lists front-end their articles with their quasi-philosophical takes on the state of filmmaking, but I’ll save my somewhat sanctimonious huffing and puffing for the end. …

What a badass. Credit: KATALIN VERMES / NETFLIX

Spoilers, I suppose.

Last December, Netflix released its long-awaited answer to the question, “What should I watch now that Game of Thrones is over?” Based on a popular series of Polish fantasy novels, The Witcher drops us into familiar fantasy tropes: castles and princesses, monsters and knights, and in this…

Casey Cantrell

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